I got some music from Blake the other day and while we are seldom in complete agreement on the styles we like, there are enough similarities that I welcome the chance to learn of new music from him. (heck, from anyone) I grabbed the Silversun Pickups album Carnavas and I kinda like it at first listen. I will give it a few more spins before I decide if its for me or not.

While listening to the tracks for the first time, my last.fm plugin was busy reporting the music I play and I surfed my “now playing” list to read about Silversun Pickups. It was there that I was struck by a term used to define the band – “shoegaze.” I assumed it meant a band that isn’t real active on stage and spends a lot of time “feeling” the song while staring at their own shoes. A quick trip to Wikipedia confirmed my guess.

The history is pretty interesting and as I am one that lives to learn, it was a good read.

Still not sure how I feel completely about the Pickups, but I have to thank them for adding to my vocabulary and I can say, I like the track “Little Lovers So Polite.”