Yes, coming out this year is an immersive world that takes the Grand Theft Auto/Saints Row genre to the next level – APD: All Points Bulletin. Slated for release later this year, APB takes the bad-guy-shoot-em-up-free-roaming game setting and infuses it with ‘roids. No longer is it you against a world of computer-controlled mental midgets, it is you against other real players – and we are talking thousands of them.

From what Blake was telling me, it will also include good guys. You can play on the side of the law, but I don’t imagine that will be much different when it comes to gameplay. Blake also says there is talk about evening the playing field due to the fact that most gamers will automatically choose to be a bad guy. I can see the attraction to escaping your life completely and being bad, but it just never appealed to me. Going way back to the days of Dungeons and Dragons, I have been unable to feel comfortable playing on the side of evil – just a personal quirk of mine.

Morals in an imaginary world aside, this does look like a fun title. I can’t decide whether I am going to play it or not mainly because I know how much I like these free-roaming games. This means that I can lose countless hours in pursuit of imaginary success in this imaginary setting. I definitely look forward to checking it out.

No clue on the release date and even if it will be out for the Xbox, but I am sure my crack research team (Blake) will keep me up to speed.