That’s right! I have broken the 200lb barrier. Thinking back, the last time my weight began with a 1 instead of a 2, I was about a year out of college. I have officially now lost 41 pounds and accomplished the initial goal I set for my “getting back in shape” plan.

In retrospect, it was much easier than I imagined and never once left me feeling hungry or over-exercised. Through a series of minor lifestyle modifications, it came off slowly and steadily. We are not talking rocket science nor Herculean effort here.

I would like to continue to drop some weight just because the gut is still too big. That said, I’m pretty sure that’s about all I am going to lose for awhile. I have a couple things working against any further weight loss. I am eating a lot more recently because I have been hanging with people that make amazing homemade dinners every time I come near, also, things are really getting busy with work. Between football season about to go full blast and the videography gigs picking up speed… Jack is a very busy boy.

One last thing and probably the most important – when I first set the goal to crack 200, I told myself that I would dream up some great reward in honor of the accomplishment. I thought about skydiving – buying some cool new electronic gadget – taking a trip – you name it, none of it really seemed worthy of what amounts to erasing 20 years of poor eating and exercise habits.

Then, without noticing, I had my reward. It wasn’t one that I set out for myself. It wasn’t something I ever even imagined. It was something much more rewarding and much more worthwhile. I found happiness.

Not just “I’m the fun guy, jokester that enjoys a good laugh,” but happiness on the inside. Call it a peacefulness, call it joy, call it serenity, call it love. Whatever you call it – we’re talking about good stuff.