Okay, I would start this post with a litany of excuses for why I have been away from writing, but a) they are too numerous to mention and b) you could probably care less. In any event, my life has gone through some major changes (all for the good) and it has certainly drawn my attention away from the cyber-community.

Here are the Cliff Notes – if you want the details, give me a call or stay tuned as all will become clearer with time. I reunited with my former high school girlfriend after being apart twenty-something years. We have a new place in Wimberley where I am living with my new family – the two of us and three amazing kids. Long story short – things are going great and I expect there will be a boatload of interesting stories as I embark on my next great adventure. It has already left all of my previous undertakings in the dust in terms of fun, excitement and pure joy. Stay tuned!