I was struck with an inspiration while riding with Dawn’s folks to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo on Saturday. It was one of those moments that just hits you like a brick. Grandpa Dan had just suffered a stroke and although he was home within hours of the event and recovering quite well, I really didn’t have a way to let him know I was thinking about him. I mean, sure, I could call, but he probably had the phone ringing off the hook and likely wasn’t feeling like sitting on the phone all day. Surely, someone who calls himself a “New Media Titan” could use all of these electronic bells, whistles, gadgets, aps etc. for something real. Surely, there was a purpose greater than posting pictures of food to friends or maintaining an imaginary online farm. The solution was obvious and perfect.

I have had a call-in line for years. I originally set it up through a company call Grand Central for use on Lone Star Gridiron. It was a simple service that acted like an answering machine on steroids. It records the message, transcribes the words into an email, and shoots out an email to the number owner (me.) Google bought the company and tweaked it a bit and now it is nearly bulletproof.

The plan now is to have all of Grandpa Dan’s relatives call the number 713-568-6361 and leave a message. I get the email with a link to the file and can piece them all together into one audio. I can burn the resulting audio a CD or simply provide him a link so that he can hear them all. Plus, they are saved so that he can listen over and over again and hear in their own voices just how much he means to the family.

So, if you are related to Grandpa Dan Moore – do it. Call the number and leave him a message.