The first thing I noticed about Logan was the liberal cussing. After that, it was just how heavy the situations were. Everyone in this movie is drugged up or otherwise falling apart. The whole story line is downright creepy. I have heard that the success of the R-rated Deadpool is what lead to this grittier take on superheroes. Deadpool was funny and crass – this is just dark, sad and miserable.

I won’t spoil anything by giving away the details but it is a much darker story than anything in the comic books that I remember. I just couldn’t get into the story because it was such a departure from traditional comic book fare. I really had a hard time watching it.

It wasn’t just the dark story that turned me off. I’ve liked plenty of dark film. It was the combination of taking characters that I both liked and understood and turning them into something completely different. It was also just a weak story. It was written as though it came from the mind of a junior high emo kid. The jumps between sick and twisted to bachelor substitute dad were jarring. Scenes that were intended to be cute ended up just seeming weird. Charles Xavier‘s “talk to the animals” session was just another mismatched scene that didn’t appear to fit.

Add to that the fact that the story included any liberal cause they could wedge in and it was hard to follow. Should I be mad at the cookie-cutter redneck bad guys? Or perhaps I should overlook the weak dialogue? Maybe I should just be happy to see (sort of) my superhero friends back in the big screen?

I really didn’t know what to take away from this movie. Overall, Logan was just a bad film… a tragedy. If I have to think back to the one thing that I liked about it… I got nothin’.

By Chris Doelle