The Wire is a TV show I missed when it first came out. It premiered on HBO in 2002 and ran for 5 seasons. I wasn’t a subscriber then and although I heard it was good, it wasn’t worth getting HBO just for that.  Fast forward to this year when I learned I get HBO for free thanks to my AT&T Unlimited cell phone plan and I decided to start checking it out.

First, let me say… I am blown away by how many great actors are in the series. Idris Elba, a very young Michael B. Jordan and a bunch of others I don’t know by name but recognize in other shows/films.

It also reminds me a lot of one of my favorite cop shows from Homicide: Life on the Streets (1993-1999.) Not only because it is also set in Baltimore, but because of the realism, great storytelling and top-notch acting.

I am only 6 episodes into the first season but I’m pretty confident I will be watching all five seasons.

by Chris Doelle