Author: Chris Doelle

Relatively Good Show

I found the series Relative Race on BYUTV and I kinda like it. Yes, it is a knockoff of The Amazing Race (one of my favorite ‘reality’ series.) And yes, it they only travel in the United States. But, the twist in this show is that they are doing so not only to win money but to discover some of their relatives. Okay, it is pretty much one big ad for and that gets mentioned in each episode. That is okay though because I love genealogy and enjoy the stories.  They are two seasons in and that means...

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My take on the Bitcoin Bubble

Is the Sky Falling? The meteoric from from $1,000 to $20,000 in roughly one year had even the bravest investor fearing a bubble. Okay, so Bitcoin (BTC) dropped from just over $20,000 a coin to just under $10,000 recently. Does that mean the “bubble” everyone has been fearing has burst? Or could it be something else? First, something you likely don’t know. BTC has dropped drastically in mid-January for each of the past three years. So this appears to be business as usual in that respect – a buying opportunity if you will. But it is more than just...

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The Post is Good Stuff

I took my mother to see The Post and was thoroughly impressed. It is a very interesting story and frankly, one that should cause modern media to wake up to their real duty. That duty is to the American people and not a political party (either side.) Sure this “based on a true story” film takes liberties with the truth as it asserted Nixon tried to ban the post from press conferences. A statement that was clearly a liberal slam on current-President Donald Trump dealing with the media. Director Steven Spielberg too may have added one too many crusades...

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2018 Cycling Season is Underway

2017 Miles – 1,146.9 Before I dig into the 2018 cycling season, I wanted to recap my 2017. At 1,146.9 miles, 2017 marked the most miles I’ve ridden since 2001 (1,253.0.) Yes, I missed my best total since 1989 by 106 miles. Still, that was my best total in 16 years – so not too shabby. I am shooting for the 1989 total (1,641.3) this year. To do so, I will have to ride almost 137 miles a month. I am nowhere near that total for January so far but I intend to make it up. So my cycling season...

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Movie Catch Up Time: Three Billboards Clearly Best

It’s that time again. Time to catch up on recent movie viewing. Think of it as your mini-guide to what’s hot and what’s not among recent films. The Greatest Showman I will admit it… I am a fan of musicals. I get that for some folks the thought is like fingernails on a chalkboard – for me, it’s just good fun. The Greatest Showman was that – fun. No, there wasn’t anything life-changing. It wasn’t a story to end all stories. It wasn’t the best acting ever. It wasn’t even the greatest music in the history of musical. It...

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