Had a great dinner last night at Pennie’s. She invited some friends and we discussed everything from USANA to my upcoming book “It’s Impossible NOT to Make Money.” We also talked about doing some projects together such as a skating video I am going to work on. Pennie’s friend, Michelle is a singer and has some good connections in music – we might hook up for some soundtrack stuff.

The basketball league, BigDog Basketball League has finished the regular season and will start the playoffs this week. It is our third season and things are shaping up for a real competitive postseason. We have some great GMs in our league.

I finally saw the movie Red Dragon. It is a remake of Manhunter the original Hannibal Lecter flick that starred current CSI star, William Petersen. It was a really good remake. Ralph Fiennes did an excellent job as badguy psycho, Francis Dolarhyde and of course Edward Norton is great in everything he does. He is like a young man’s Gene Hackman or Michael Caine. They all have the quality of being able to play and role and be completely believable.

RATING 6 out of 10