Wow, where to begin. The problem with taking a break it you are left with a lot of things to do to catch up. Kinda like this long ‘vacation’ weekend – possibly one of the most hectic and tiring weekends in recent history. It is a tired cliche, but I need to get back to work so that I can relax. 🙂

I will attempt to cover the following in this post. Saturday, Tony, Allison, Pennie & I went out and did some things, Sunday, hung out more with Tony, Allison & Pennie, Monday – went to the Alamo Draft House to see Bruce Almighty….

Saturday: I got up early and did some housework and awaited the arrival of Tony & Allison. While waiting for them to arrive, I got the bug to do some home improvement. I hung some blinds in the kitchen and then set about to build a shelf for a TV in my bedroom. Brian assisted and we did a fine job I must say.

They arrived and we said our hellos after not seeing each other for a long time – Allison wasted no time in cutting up…

We hung out a bit as Sam and Allison got acquanted…

We then headed to the baseball game at Minute Maid park to watch the Astros take on the Cubs. We stopped off at the downtown aquarium and took the train ride and met this HUGE horse outside the ballpark.

Allison managed to entertain everyone around us. She wanted a picture to prove she was at a big league ballpark..

Well, I am going to leave Sunday and Monday’s recap to another day as I have some work to do.