Super Mario was going for another stage win today when a frickin MORON Galvez went down on a rain soaked corner just before the finish line right in front of The Lion King – Cipollini. The two went down hard and slid into the retaining wall. At last report, Mario was taken to the hospital for examination. We will have to wait and see if this will mark the end of his Giro.

I watched the movie Auto Focus, directed by Paul Schrader and starring Greg Kinnear. Kinnear did a great job in his portrayal of actor Robert Crane. I thought the direction was very good as Schrader sets the mood wonderfully with the camera angles and a nearly subconscious lifelike movement during the shots. The story of Crane’s transistion from casual investigator of the seedy underside of fame through to full-fledged sexual addict is enthralling. Kinnear’s performance is almost spooky as he is completely believable as Crane. Supporting actor, Willem Dafoe is perfect as enabler John Carpenter. I highly recommend this as a great example of acting skill and story telling skills from a director.