Busy day today – just a quick break to blog. Working on web pages right now and probably will be all night. Today, I spent the bulk of the day sitting in front of the computer doing paperwork. Brian had the DVD The Transporter and I put it in while I worked… here is my review. (Geez, it seems like I spend more time reviewing movies than explaining what my day was like – oh well)

It was definitely a genre film – the trouble was it just couldn’t decide which genre. Perhaps I am being too hard, after all it was basically an action flick. As an action flick it did its job. While there was really nothing new in the movie anywhere – it was fun to watch. Again, I am probably being too hard on it – but it felt like it was trying to be too “cool.” I mean the driving was fun, the fighting was cool (even if you are getting tired of every fight scene looking like a John Wu ripoff,) and there were a couple of decent stunts.

The story was acceptable even if some of the situations/solutions were a strech. I am even okay with being liberal with the laws of physics.

The biggest fault of the movie is in the constant attempt to look cutting edge and not pulling it off. Rule number one in filmmaking is TELL THE STORY!! If a shot or angle or stunt does not advance the story – it is masturbation for the director, nothing more. Let me tell you that Corey Yuen blasted his impotent signature all over the screen. Just because you can direct a Hong Kong martial arts film and just because Hollywood seems to have wood about that style and hires you, doesn’t mean you are a good director.

A hint to wannabe directors out there… if you feel the urge to steal the super-fast-zoom-in-speed-up shots developed by Darren Aronofsky in Requiem for a Dream – you are NOT a real director. JUST TELL THE STORY!!!

RATING 4 out of 10