I am currently copying a boatload of video tapes for a client and very good friend Gail Stolzenberg for his company Snead Management Systems. The video is 8 minutes long which means that I can’t really go do anything else but sit here and be productive in between swapping.

So how am I being productive? Well, I am making phone calls. I am writing a letter to my brother Tom. I am also writing in the blog periodically. I am setting up a blog for a client that will be using this tool to relay information about an oil pipeline in Khazakstan to people in country and stateside. This is a VERY good use for this technology.

So how are things in the world of USANA? Pretty darn good! I am excited to report that Ah-Ham Kwon, a Korean born student in Canada has just signed up. So what’s the big deal – you get signups all the time? Well, the big deal is that he is Korean. His father is going to promote his USANA business in Korea and by the time USANA opens in Korea – he will already have an organization of thousands lined up and ready to go. Want to be part of this explosive growth in a brand new market? Sign up under Ah-Ham and sit back and enjoy the results. Shoot me an email if you want to be placed in his group [email protected]

My friend Tony Vasquez is coming into town Friday night and will stay until Sunday. I am going to help him take care of straightening out some financial aspects of his life. In addition, we will most likely go to Jillian’s with Pennie on Saturday night for dinner, bowling, pool, dancing, games etc. Should be a lot of fun. Mainly because it is a mystery shopping assignment at will be FREE!! Want to know how you can eat most of your meals and get a lot of your entertainment for FREE? Order my audio CD – It’s Impossible NOT to Make Money: Mystery Shopping

Sunday I am heading to Victoria for Mother’s Day. We are going to try to find a place to go to dinner, although it will probably be very crowded.

Oh yeah, I finally got off my butt and posted up some new pictures to my photos page.