Jillian’s was a lot of fun… hey – there are even pictures!!! Click here to see the pics

Sunday, Pennie came over and her, Tony, Brian and I spent the day cleaning the house… YEAH!! What fun. Actually, it was a lot of fun because there was a lot of help. And here are a couple pics of the results. Those of you who know how messy my house is normally will be impressed – the rest of you will roll your eyes and say, “Whats the big deal?”

I postponed the Mother’s day trip because I have the most understanding mother in the world and she knew I was meeting a real estate agent Monday morning and really needed to get the house cleaned. I am planning on taking the day off Tuesday to go do a Mother’s Day thing. (I scheduled two meetings Tuesday – so I am not taking all day off – but like I said, she is the most understanding mom in the world.)