Business is picking up well (all the businesses!) I went down to visit my mom on Tuesday for a late Mother’s Day. I hung out and chatted with Mom – it is always good to see her. It was good to see everyone down there again. Looks like Tim will be in town tomorrow to help out on a cable job.

Today, I went to my BNA (Business Network Alliance) breakfast club meeting and had a good meeting. Bob Hardwick was back amongst the group after his rotator cuff surgery and although he was favoring his shoulder, he looked to be up and running at regular speed. In fact, him and David Postma were discussing a bike trip which he seemed eager to partake of…

I am relieved to be able to attend the meetings more often as Pennie has been assisting me with well, just about everything. Did I ever mention that she is pretty darn cool? !! 🙂

Pennie is coming over tonight to watch her Cleveland Indians on satellite. That will be cool.