The Hulk is the shiznit!! Director Ang Lee, did a great job of telling the story of my all-time favorite comic book character.

The computer animation was spot-on and best of all – the storyline stayed true to the comic book when it came to the Hulk’s abilities. Those of you who grew up as fans of Lou Ferrigno’s TV version, The Incredible Hulk, might be wondering how the green behometh got to be so big and how he can jump so far, but rest assured – THIS IS THE HULK!! This is the way he was created in the comic book. I am still grinning from ear to ear just describing it! If you have not seen it – check it ou! If you have seen it – come with me to see it again… THIS is what superhero genre movies are about! This is the culmination of the current state of the art.

RATING 9 out of 10

The success of The Hulk, X-Men (1 & 2), SpiderMan, Daredevil etc. brings up an important point. You know why they are so successful? At first blush you might say that it is because computer special effects have come of age and it is now possible to do superheros well. You are partly right. It is really more of a fusion of that technology and the coming of age of the Baby Boomers. Yes those folks 38 to 65 that have been setting trends since they were born have moved into their ‘disposable income’ segment of life. The Baby Boomers were responsible for the growth of the baby food and formula industry, they created the need for the immense growth of elementary schools across the country as they grew. The discount superstores, SUV craze and resurgence of 70’s radio stations (and TV for that matter – That 70’s Show), and the immense growth of the stock market, are all a result of the desires of that largest segment of our population. This growth in superhero genre movies (not to mention Lord of the Rings etc.) is an example of Baby Boomers wanting to continue to relive their youth. We grew up reading and loving this stuff.

So what does that mean to the thinking person? It means there is a HUGE opportunity for anyone providing something that Baby Boomers want or need. The single biggest need or want? Health and Wealth!!! That is why I am positioning myself to take advantage of this next Trillion dollar market with my addition of USANA to my multiple streams of income. I have grown this from a side trickle of money to a nice stream with hardly any effort because there are so many people who want and need these products! And what will I do with this raging river of money as it grows? Why, I will go see my favorite superheros on the big screen!!