Let’s start with a great dinner on Friday. Pennie and I went to an extremely upscale restaurant called The Capital Grille. We had a great meal and shared our last evening together before Pennie headed to Ohio for a week. The bill came to $150.00!! But you know the best part? It was all FREE!! Yes, thanks to mystery shopping, we paid nothing.

Next on to my first encounter with the hit phenomenon that is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is really a terrible show. I know Dave will disagree with me because he really likes it, but it is quite possibly the silliest cop drama since Steven Bochco’s ill-fated Cop Rock. Never has forensics been so damn glamorous. I mean, first off – check out the outfits. These guys look like they are dressing for a premiere at Grumman’s Chinese Theater. The lighting is so dramatic as to be totally unrealistic. What proper investigation takes place in a room cascading with deep blue shadows complete with dramatic highlights? The Forensic Files and Medical Detectives, two fine shows on the Discovery Channel are realism. Quincy was even closer to realism. CSI is just Quincy for the no-attention-span-MTV crowd.

It is a shame to waste such acting talent as Marg Helgenberger and William L. Petersen on this dribble.

No thank you – I’ll take my crime stories with a little less glitz and glamour and a lot more fact.