Lance Armstrong remains in the yellow jersey after today’s stage, but the big story is Spanish rider Joseba Beloki’s spectacular crash that ended his shot at this year’s Le Tour. Beloki was racing down one of the final descents about four kilometers from the finish when his hit some loose pavement. Apparently, the pavement had melted due to the unusually high temperatures in this year’s race. The front wheel slid back and forth wildly and when the instability transferred to the rear wheel, Beloki was sent crashing to the pavement in one of the most horrific accidents I have seen.

Beloki who came second last year and made the podium on the two years previously, was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with fractures to his thigh bone, right elbow and right hip.

Armstrong avoided Beloki by taking a short cut through a field and jumping back on to the road carrying his bike to rejoin the race for the final couple of kilometers.