Went to see Clay Walker last night at the Woodlands with Pennie – it was a really good show. Walker seemed genuinely happy to be back among his hometown fans and treated everyone to a fun filled and very entertaining show. Some of the many surprises were the Texans cheerleaders coming on stage and in the audience during the Texans theme song, which he wrote and donated to the city, as well as a duet with his daughter McClay Walker singing, “When she’s good, she’s good – but when shes bad… she’s better”

Walker had two openers, Sherrie Austin and Dierks Bentley – both of them were very good as well. You may not know Dierks by name, but you will soon as his single “What Was I Thinking?” is skyrocketing up the charts. Overall, it was a very good show and I would highly recommend it.

Sorry, I forgot my camera at home so no pics this time…

Oh yeah and I rode a litte on the bike this morning – and have now surpassed 17,000 total miles on the bike.