After the game, we headed to the Riverwalk. We had been there on Saturday night, but most of the pictures were too dark so we decided to head back in the daylight to get a few shots.

Just after entering the Riverwalk, I spotted a duck preening itself just past a bridge and took this shot between two bridge supports.

It looks much better blown up at full resolution. I really like this shot I took a few minutes later of Pennie and the Riverwalk.

We also discovered that if you volunteer to take photos for people (so they can all be in the shot,) they are more than happy to do the same. This is actually inside the Hilton right on the river.

What would a trip to SA be without the Alamo? Here it is…

And what would a photo essay of any trip be without a local zealot. This guy was spouting on and on about some of the craziest stuff you can imagine. As I walked up he said, “You think you’re a good ol’ boy? You think you are in hell? You think this is hell?” Uh actually, no, no and no! Haha – crackpots make the world go round.

Despite the occasional nutcase – it was a great trip. We met some great people, had a lot of fun and oh yeah – IT WAS ALL TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! Thanks to my USANA business!!