I just finished – okay, ‘started’ the movie, Hollywood Homicide. It was so putrid I couldn’t finish it. We are talking a low point for Harrison Ford. His acting was not even enough to save the film as he seriously looked like he was simply clocking in to get a check. Josh Hartnett cannot be blamed as he is not experienced enough to spot a stinker when he sees one. Or maybe he is savvy enough to know that he was the ‘man-boy of the moment’ and decided to cash in quickly too. Of course, I haven’t seen anything decent out of him since Black Hawk Down.

Regardless of who is to blame – the movie is poop on a stick.

Oh wait, I DO know who is to blame – Ron Shelton… writer and director. He brought us such other crappy films as Bad Boys II (see July 22 blog) and Play it to the Bone. He should have stopped with Bull Durham.

RATING 3 out of 10