Christmas Eve has started off with a bang.

Just got back from another dog break (We should have all the old slats replaced soon.) After letting them out in the backyard to do their business, I decided to answer some email. After an unusually long ‘bathroom break,’ I noticed the dogs had not come back in. I went out back to see what the delay was and two slats were broken and the boys were gone. I went out front and there was no sign of them anywhere. I walked down to the end of block and then a couple drove up in a car:

“Hey, you lookin’ for the dogs?”
“A beagle and a… a f*cking horse?”
“Yeah thats them.”
“They are two streets over – that way.” (pointing)

I went back to get the truck and went up the road. I didn’t see anything until a kid that was washing a car pointed to the side of a house. I pulled over there and they were both sniffing around. I opened the passenger doors and Little jumped in followed by Sam – luckily they like to ride in cars more than they like sniffing after a few blocks. Sam is still panting wildly as of this writing from all the exercise and we are back home again.

A harrowing Christmas Eve so far… and I haven’t even hit the road to Mom’s house.