I am sitting here working on some video input and just getting madder and madder. The U.S. House of Representatives (I am watching C-SPAN) has spent the last hour honoring Paul Simon – the dead Senator, not the singer. These bloated money grubbers are wasting no time in honoring one of their fellow troughmates. Sure, Simon did some good things for Illinois (pork) but come on – these are OUR DOLLARS being spent with these inane resolutions. Why is that in less than a month after Simon’s death, they can blather on about how great he was, while sliding in their own shameless self-promotion and they ignore real issues?

There is not an honest one in the bunch so when they all go on about how great one their kind was it peeves me… and when you and I pay for them to do it, then it really pisses me off. I recommend that everyone watch C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 for about an hour and before your eyes glaze – try to pay attention to what they are actually doing and saying. They are largely wasting our dollars and entering into their own plugs into the tome that is the Congressional Record.

You want another rant… well, you’re getting one anyway. haha Prior to the Simon idiocy, they spent an hour putting themselves on record as being for the space program. Now we are not talking about discussing legislation or passing bills – we are talking about simply adding to the record their feelings on the space program. Who cares about your feelings? You are hired by the populace to vote THEIR feelings. One idiot went on and on about how unless we take the lead in space, we will lose the “high ground” in the battle between good and evil. He suggested that the terrorists were going to take over space and control the world. Everything these days is because of the terrorists, but that excuse is wearing thin…. the terrorist cells live and caves and shit in shell craters – they are NOT going to build mind control rays on the moon. (Dave points out that Afghanistan may LOOK like the moon now – but that is as close as they are getting) Oh yeah – and YOU AND I paid a boatload so that this fat cat could get himself on record with this retarded premise. (Apologies to mentally handicapped for the comparison)