I went to the RV Show at Reliant Center today with Mike to get some information on motor homes. I have a goal right now of traveling the country full time in roughly two years. By that time, the plan is to have enough money to rely on residual income and travel full time. The USANA businesses are growing little by little each month and should be enough to cover expenses while still building the balance sheet by that time. I want to travel the country staying as long or as short as the mood strikes in any area that interests me.

I have really just started the research into what RV I will take on those journeys, but have already got a pretty good idea of what will serve my needs. I have ruled out 5th wheels, Class C’s and any sort of hybrid – which leaves me with the Class A coaches. There is a huge range of prices and options available in this class. I have seen prices ranging from about $75,000 to well over a million dollars. Right now, it seems like something in the $100,000 – $200,000 will be where I end up. Those have a good mix of comfort and functionality .

At the RV show Mike and I sat and talked to Vic & Dee Lucas for nearly an hour – they have been full-timing for right at four years and were just full of great information. I picked their brains with the questions I knew to ask and was delighted with the information volunteered by the couple. We swapped emails. I plan on keeping in touch with them as my quest for a motor coach progresses. It will be pretty cool to chart where they travel in the next couple years and hopefully hook up with them at some fun camping site in a couple years.

I looked pretty heavily at the Country Coach line.. impressive huh?

Did I mention that this entire coach and all our travels will be tax exempt? That’s right – this baby is going to be a rolling tax deduction for my USANA business. What better way to spread the word about how USANA is changing peoples financial futures than by rolling around the country with residual income paying for it all?