I have decided that I am a philosopher. Pretty ostentatious, right? Not really when you look at the the true meaning of the word.

Philosophy = phil or philos(meaning love) + sofus or sofia (meaning wisdom)

Simply put – philosophy is the love of wisdom, hence a philosopher is a lover of wisdom. I can think of no title that fits me better. (I know, I know – goofball, headcase, weirdo and others come to mind – but this is my blog so keep it down) haha

The search for wisdom can be found at the root of just about everything I do. Whether I am researching motivational techniques or skills or learning at the (audial or visual) feet of masters in just about any discipline, I am constantly searching for wisdom. Questions such as “can virtue be taught?” and the arguments for nurture vs. nature are intriguing to me. I have always been of the bent when something intrigues me to research it. Questioning folklore and wive’s tales are simple examples of choosing the philisophical route over accepting tradition.

I rail against the medical industry that has become nothing more than a hypothecary. In the front of the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) the ‘types’ of drug categories are listed… isn’t it telling that most of those types begin with the prefix “ANTI?” (antidepressant, antiinflamatory, antihistamine, etc. etc.) Doesn’t that scream out to be understood? If the majority of the drugs prescriped are anti-this or anti-that, doesn’t it follow that our medical community is NOT in the business of healing, but in the business of killing specific things? Of course it does.

In summation, information is power and freedom. Philosopher or slave to what you are told? I choose to be a philosopher.

(As if on cue – just after I finished this deep and meaningful post… a bug flew up my nose causing me to sniff and snort while jumping around like a lunatic, there must me some deep meaning in that too.)