Friday Night Injuries

I forgot to mention the rough business that is show business. While doing a shot of the Permian Panthers breaking through the big banner to take the field, a guy between Brian and I had a seizure. We were in a crowd scene where we were all cheering our Panthers taking the field by busting through the huge Panther banner. Everyone was jumping up and down wildly and screeming when this guy (20 yrs old) suddenly let out a loud “AAARRRRGGGHGHGH,” doubled over as he spun to the left, and fell half onto Brian and half onto the stadium seat. Brian didn’t have a clue what was going on as the guy started convulsing while leaning against him. As the calls for a medic went out, Brian helped push the guy onto the floor and got out of the way. I had been talking all day with a lady about her daughter’s modelling career and had found out she was an EMT. She was several rows away and had heard our calls for a medic, but was blocked by tons of gawkers. I literally had to pull a lady out of her way that was blocking the row stunned. We got her over there as the first responder and she took charge. It was quite an exciting event as a cadre of paramedics arrived as he was coming to. The guy was dazed and confused, not knowing where he was for the first ten to fifteen minutes after the seizure. Eventually, he cleared up mentally and he said that he had his first seizure a couple weeks ago and chose to do nothing about it.

I had an injury of my own as I got a little too excited and ignored common sense by not stretching or warming up at all. I pulled a groin muscle from jumping wildly up in the seats and cheering on the Panthers. I have been icing it today on and off because it seems to be getting worse. I have diagnosed it as a strain or slight pull of the Adductor Magnus muscle.

The treatment for this type of injury is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.) Gee, that Exercise Physiology degree did come in handy! It has been kinda hard to take care of because I have a lot to do and you cannot get much done when your thigh is wrapped with an ice-bag, while the leg is propped up above chest level. Pretty much all you can do is lay on the couch and watch TV.