Brian and I spent all day yesterday at the Astrodome working on the set of the motion picture, Friday Night Lights. The film stars Billy Bob Thornton and Tim McGraw and chronicles the story of the Odessa Permian Panthers of the late 1980’s. It is based on the book of the same name. IMDB has it listed in post-production, but clearly it is still shooting.

Are we being told everything?

A couple weeks ago, reports came out that terrorists intended to attack the I95 corrider between Connecticut and New York and then the next week a truck laden with jet fuel crashes and explodes nearly melting the bridge on I95. The route is shut down and the explanation is that the driver fell asleep. Okay, maybe it was a coincidence.

Fast forward to a week ago, terrorists again threaten American targets – this time they mention “an oil refinery in Texas.” Have you heard the news tonight? A series of at least four explosions rocked Texas City at the BP Amoco plant. Another terrorist threat fulfilled a week after being made and no tie in on any news channels. Instead, all you hear about it how British troops seized bomb ingredients, thus stopping a terrorist attack. Is it just me or are we possibly not being given all the information. I don’t mind that nobody is jumping to conclusions as that would be irresponsible journalism – but at least mention that the threats were made and do a little reporting. Interview someone in charge and ask the tough questions.

Business Update

Things are still a bit slow in the computer business. We shifted focus to collections a bit more as we are wont to do in slow times. The bright side of this cloudy period is that we bring our receivables up-to-date when we have slack like this.

The production business is extremely slow as well. This just a couple weeks after having more work than ever before. When it rains it pours and well – you know what happens in a drought.

The USANA business is my personal saving grace right now as the checks still show up like clockwork. Sure, my USANA business is not to the level where I can cover all my expenses with it alone, but it sure has come in handy as other things have slowed.

I have let some of my side sources of income slide in an effort to streamline and focus on the more important ones – now it turns out that those other sources were coming in rather handy. It is really just a short term affect of business slowing, cutting out some streams of income and waiting for the renewed focus to kick in with the main ventures. I have no doubt that things will come back stronger than ever.