Well, the Sopranos was again pretty darn lame. I think I may be close to ending that chapter unless they get a good episode soon. I watched the first few minutes of Deadwood, HBO’s newest series and it looked pretty darn lame too. Oh well, looks like HBO needs some new blood in the creativity department.

Pennie and I went to Ray and Aida’s house today for a barbeque and had a really good time. We spent all day yesterday at Pennie’s house doing taxes in the morning and then we had a little barbeque and birthday party for Carlos. Dave and Laura were there for the morning and into early afternoon, but had to leave because of an ill friend. It would have been nice if they could have stayed around for more than taxes. Tatiana, Carlos, Pennie and I played Trivial Pursuit all night long and just sat around having a good time. We always enjoy hanging out with them as they have fun no matter where they are.