Easter in Victoria – The Passion of the CHRIS. (hehe – very bad pun – but how often can you use one like that?)

Brian and I went to Victoria for Easter to see the family. The weather was terrible on the way down – it rained like mad and at times you could barely see the front of your own vehicle, much less the road. We saw eight different vehicles that ran off the road into the ditch and three more than had turned over. This is the last one – it was finally clearing up enough to take a picture as we passed this pickup truck and trailer turned over.

When we finally arrived, we were rewarded for our treacherous journey with a special treat. Sandra’s horse, Cocoa had a colt the day before. Cisco is the newest addition to the family. He is still gangly but has some great markings.

It was very cool to watch him run on his giraffe-like legs and start to jump and kick like a rodeo bronc. He is still learning how to work everything as he is not yet two days old. I took about 150 or so pictures and will put together a picture gallery dedicated to Cisco after I catch up on some of my work.

I grabbed a couple quick pictures of Weezy (actually her name is Louise – as in Thelma & Louise – but it just sorta morphed into Weezy through time.) Thelma and Louise were added to the Doelle Ranch six or seven years ago. I was in town that weekend and we made a trip to a junk yard where these two baby raccoons had been discovered all tangled in wire and string and all sorts of junk. The stuff was all wrapped around them and had cut severely into their necks and bodies. It was so tight and had been in so long that the flesh around the open wounds was actually rotting right off them. It was the most horrible smell and they were both small enough to fit in a hand. Their chances to survive looked really slim, but after Tim and Sandra cleaned them up, treated their wounds and nursed them back to health – they made a full recovery. They have been pets ever since… well at least until Thelma was caught by an owl. Now it is just Weezy and she seems tame as ever.

Amid all this wildlife there was family time. We had a great Easter dinner and enjoyed hanging out. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a complete holiday trip without Kaitlyn. We had a great time playing and despite a minor furniture problem, thoroughly enjoyed being silly.

Back Home in Houston

After having a great meal of Easter leftovers, I watched the late run of the Sopranos. I am still waiting for it to get a little more exciting. This soap-opera crap can’t keep up much longer or the fans will be leaving in droves. The series went from a chronicle of a mob family to an Italian soap opera.