Well here I am in Laredo. I just returned from a meal at Coyote Creek. It was a nice restaurant and the meal was provided by the law firm that is paying us to shoot a mock trial. We are all setup for the shoot tomorrow and I figured I would put up a quick blog before I hit the hay.

The drive was very long… not as long as I had anticipated, but still very long. The last several hours are the worst because once you get way out west here, you sorta run out of cities. It is miles and miles of cactus. I stopped to take some pictures on the way as the prickly pear are blooming. They should turn out real nice.

I wrote a little timeline of the trip but left it in the truck. If I get the chance, I will post it – but in retrospect, it is pretty boring so I might not.

Tomorrow will be another very long day as the revised schedule was discussed over dinner. Instead of an 8-hour day of shooting, it looks to be around 12 hours. Ugghh. Oh well, it is time and a half after 8 hours – so at least the money will be good.