Pennie and I had a great dinner at the Beck’s Prime at Memorial Park yesterday. This was my first time at that location and I have to say it was very nice. After dinner, we decided to take in a softball game that we saw in progress. It was entertaining despite the fact that there was nobody there that we knew. In no time at all however, we met someone. This is Grace, the ump’s puppy.

Pennie got this shot (the kid just sorta jumped in the picture) because Grace sleeps like her dog Abbie (sp?).

Well, my satellite is out and I saw the first season of “The West Wing” available on DVD from the library and thought I would give it a spin. At least it would be noise in the background while I work. The ads never appealed to me, but I figured I would give it a go. It is just more of the same tired television drama – more pablum for the masses. The show really failed to live up to its potential and tries to be way too funny. The drama is very predictable, the characters are very stiff stereotypes and the slant is more liberal than most left-wing Hollywood political pieces. In fact, they should rename the show the “left wing.” It is a preachy and long winded hour of propaganda.

Oh and I am writing this halfway through the first show… and I have to admit – the same tired TV dramas work. Despite the carboard characters and over-the-top attempt to make politicians seem human through common humor, it is a bit entertaining.

AARRGGGHHH! I hate this show, but I find it strangely compelling. It is like watching a car wreck – no, I take that back. A car wreck is easier to watch. It is more like when someone hands you a milk carton and says “Does this smell bad to you?” It is exactly the same as that compulsion to take a sniff of something you know is going to smell bad, but you just have to make sure.

Naw, that analogy doesn’t fit either, because I sit here knowing it stinks, but can’t stop smelling of it. Maybe rank-smelling crack would be more appropriate. It appeals to all that is base and simple in us… just as the rest of network television does. I feel dirty watching it – but it hasn’t been shut off yet.

PS Rob Lowe does an excellent job. Martin Sheen as President is made out to be a philosopher-genius with a heart of gold… it is way overboard on the “we should revere our great leader” scale.