In my quest to return to optimum health, I went grocery shopping today. I bought carrots, lettuce, bananas, apples, and even corn. (Yeah – I can hardly believe it myself!) I also bought skinless chicken breasts and several varieties of fish. I am going to have to do a little online research on new recipes. I have decided that instead of my normal methods of cooking the meats (i.e. fried) I will rely more heavily on spices and less on grease and butter and the like. I bought a ton of new spices that I would like to try.

Here are the totals for Saturday the 8th…

Total calories consumed 1,365 kcal
% of total calories from fat 19%
Total grams of carbohydrates 148 g
Minutes of exercise 0 min(the back is still hurting pretty badly so exercise will have to wait)

I had a USANA Nutrimeal Strawberry shake for lunch with a banana and 1/2 cup of Sunny D – it makes an excellent smoothie if you mix it with water and ice cubes and throw the whole thing in the blender. For dinner I had a very good meal of baked chicken breast and red potatos. I had one coke today which really throws the bad carbs category out of whack, but overall it was a darn healthy day of food intake and didn’t feel at all like a sacrifice.

It is really just a matter of paying attention to the labels. I had some beef jerky as a snack because it is very low in fat, but it had almost as many calories as two chicken breasts… not a terrible food; it just needs to be included in moderation.

Another nice thing is that although the total is a very low calorie day, I still felt pretty darn stuffed after dinner.