I missed a couple days of entering my data as things have been really busy. Pennie and I went to Victoria and watched a play with my mom. The play was Godspell. It was a decidedly updated version of the popular musical and despite a couple of weak singing performances, it entertained throughout. The guy that played JC had an excellent voice and seemed much more at ease in this role than in the last one I saw him in.

After the play, we went out to a late Mother’s Day dinner at Furr’s Cafeteria. We had a really good time. Mom’s friend Colleen joined us and it was non-stop chuckles and good times.

Also, Tony V. came into town Friday really late and stayed through Sunday morning when we headed to Victoria.

Oh yeah and I think Wednesday or Thursday or something like that, Pennie and I went to a movie. I remember now – it was Friday before Tony came to town. We saw Van Helsing and I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted to see it just because of the special effects and the fact that it promised to reprise the classic movie monsters. Turns out the special effects were the least impressive thing about the film. Sure, the effects were there in every scene, but they did not dominate the film and served more to create the environment than to ‘wow’ you with digital wizardry. (Which is not to say there was no wizardry) Hugh Jackman did a really good job with the main character. Kate Beckinsale is starting to make a habit of these monster movies.

The coolest of the movie monsters

RATING 8 out of 10

Here are the totals for the day:

Total Calories: 1,782
% Fat: 41%
% Carbohydrates: 46%
% Protein: 13%
Minutes of exercise: 0

The fat is high again, but I am doing good on the total calories still so I will continue to drop weight.