Pennie and I went to see The Day After Tomorrow and I am thinking it should have been called The Day I Wasted My Money on a Movie. I was really looking forward to it because I have always loved disaster films and figured with the kind of storm promised here would be awesome with the advances in computer graphics. The disaster segments were very cool – but the disaster part of the movie was tiny. When you see the preview, you have actually seen almost every second of disaster from the film.

The film took a very good book, The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and totally destroyed it. The script was horrible, the acting was deplorable and the politics were disgusting. We are talking a Vice President that looks like Cheney’s twin and a President that was clueless. The diabolical evil Republican duo ignore warnings of global warming causing a change in the earth’s atmosphere and are thus the cause of the next ice age. Hollywood filled nearly every second of the film with some ultra-liberal slam. The problem with all these “I told you the liberals were right” scenarios is that they had to totally throw science out the window to make it happen.

Stupid backstories thrown in as if an intern in a meeting somewhere said, “Hey shouldn’t there be a back story?,” the crappiest computer-generated wolves, the most dumb-downed script I have seen in years, the total lack of any basis in reality, and the outright evil condemnation of anything remotely right of waaaaaay left, make this movie a must-miss.

RATING 4 out of 10