Well, it is time to speak out about the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal and related events. First off, I think the abuse is unwarranted and wrong. I do not however agree with our media coverage and condemnation of our entire military effort because of it. I understand that our soldiers have been fighting and dying against many of these prisoners. I understand that when a friend of yours is killed by an enemy combatant, it is likely that you would feel moved to smack around or humiliate a prisoner that you might feel at least partly responsible. I also understand that the immense pressure to show results caused by our media’s constant criticism of our involvement might make the higher ups request more pressure to be put on prisoners during interrogation.

That being said. It is wrong to take the action that was purportedly taken by our military against these prisoners. Our country was founded on a Constitution that guarantees basic human rights. Not just American rights. These soldiers should be court martialed, dishonorably discharged and punished according to the law, but I would remind the military detractors that if these same incidents occurred during a college hazing ritual, the punishments would not be nearly as strict.

I place the blame for the beheading of Nicholas Berg firmly on the media. Their constant coverage of the prisoner abuse scandal resulted in that horrible act. Judge for yourself – in the last few weeks, how much coverage have you seen of the Abu Ghraib prison incident versus what should be a call for outrage in the video of Nicholas Berg. If there was any doubt that the media has a liberal bias, this should be it. We are talking DEAD, as in HEAD OFF – and they are covering humiliated naked prisoners. There is no comparison of what is the greater evil – and what is the greater human rights abuse. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS you name it – they have the blood of Nicholas Berg on their hands.

Go to CNN’s website – you can see the pictures of the prison scandal plastered all over on the FREE content portion. To see ANY of the Nicholas Berg tape, you have to be a PAYING member. They are clearly biased and covering what furthers their agenda.

Again, both incidents are wrong, but don’t be misled by the lopsided coverage of CNN. They are furthering the aims of radical fundamentalist Muslims – not reporting the news.