To think I took a night off from my diet and treated myself (and Pennie) to Mexican food at Chuy’s only to have it turn out that it sucked! The food was really subpar, the service was unimpressive and had it not been for the fact that I was mystery shopping and it was FREE – I think I would have complained. Instead, I will write my complaint up in the form of my report.

We did discover something really cool about the Chuy’s on Westheimer however. The bar is called the Chihuahua Bar and there are hundreds of small framed pictures of dogs belonging to the clientele. What a great marketing idea! Who would not want to return to a bar that had a picture of their dog?

Speaking of pets, I discovered the cause of the leak that has developed at Turtle World. CATS!! Yes, the neighbor cats are apparently trying to get at the mice that live underneath the pond and have succeeded in clawing at the lining enough to pull it away from the side of the pool. Looks like a couple weekend jobs are in order – 1. get rid of the mice – 2. drain the pond down and fix the liner.

Oh well – I have to have something to do around the house while these computers are churning out video segments.