Here are the totals for the day: (goal)
Total Calories: 1,740(<2,200) color="green"> 32%(25-35%)
% Carbohydrates: 52% (45-55%)
% Protein: 16% (15-25%)
Weekly Aerobic points: 5.25 (21.3/wk)

All the numbers look pretty good again. I actually ate a USANA bar just a little bit ago just because I felt I didn’t have enough calories for the day. I am not really on a diet, but I have lost 12-15 lbs since starting.

I took a bike ride while I was rendering a DVD for a client. I logged a few miles while listening to the Lakers lose game 1 of the NBA Finals to the Pistons. Oh well.

In addition to getting my exercise in, I was able to watch quite a few movies between renders, rips and burns (albeit in 25-40 minute spurts.)

I watched Torque and pretty much got what I expected. Okay, actually I didn’t watch all of it – the thing just couldn’t hold my attention. Brian wanted to watch it so I put it on my NetFlix list. It steals a lot from The Fast and the Furious. The whole zoom through the engine when the nitrous button is pressed is copied almost identically. In addition, it steals actors and even dialogue from the film in an effort to make it known as the motorcycle version of F&F.

RATING 4 out of 10

I also watched Dancing at the Blue Iguana. It was a convoluted mess that was nearly unwatchable as the storyline made little sense and the actor was way to high tension all the time to be believable. There was no contiguous plot and you were left not caring about any of the characters. The commentary track said that it was shot this way on purpose and the actors were given their character’s background and encouraged to make up the dialogue as they went along. It was an interesting experiment in filmmaking, but a valuable lesson in why that is the WRONG way to make a movie.

RATING 4 out of 10