Well you start eating healthy and it is amazing how horrible bad food starts to taste. Brian changed the brake pads on my truck yesterday so I told him I would take him out to eat and he could pick the place. He chose Hooters (big surprise – haha) and we went there to have some wings and take in the last inning of the Yankees/Dodgers game.

Well, I always remembered their wings being greasy… I just can’t believe I used to eat this stuff. Not only eat it – but look forward to eating it! Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with wings, in fact, there is really nothing short of scoops of lard that isn’t okay in moderation – but these wings are the greasiest gunk I have ever tasted. I first got an extra plate and covered it with paper towels. I transferred the wings to the new plate to soak up the grease and then covered them with more paper towels. I completely soaked 8 (EIGHT!) paper towels with grease. We are not talking dabs of grease of spots of grease – we are talking soaked! You could wring them out and make a puddle.

After making them somewhat safe for human consumption, I had a few and they tasted okay. I figured I had another all-day yardwork-garage cleaning-marathon so I could afford a little decadence. What a waste of a splurge. The stuff kept me up half the night with a general nausea and a feeling like I was going to do the heartburn thing really bad. I woke up this morning and my stomach felt like I swallowed a 10lb lead weight. In fact, it wasn’t until I had a USANA Nutrimeal shake that I got back to normal. (I guess I needed something healthy to cut the grease.)

Long story short – the view at Hooters was decent – but the wings are disgusting. Next time I feel like being a bad-boy at mealtime, I am not headed there.