Holy Toledo!! What a movie! Monster starring Charlize Theron is an excellent film. It is raw, gritty and real. It takes the life of a streetwalker turned serial killer and slams it in your face. Charlize deserved the Best Actress award. She is more than a pretty face – in fact, in this she is anything but. This girl has mad skillz!

Check out the transformation as the beautiful Theron becomes the “first woman serial killer” Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who killed many of her clients, and had an unlikely lesbian relationship with a young girl on the side.

Yes, this is the same woman.

I really cannot say enough about the acting job by Charlize. She can say more in a look and a subtle twist of the head than a dozen pages of script. You WILL know who Aileen is intimately when it is over and you will be moved to feel something about the fact that this is a true story.

RATING 9 out of 10