Pennie and I joined Dave and Laura at the Alamo Draft House to see The Dark Side of the Rainbow. It is billed as “A magical mystery tour of audio/video synchronicity. Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon meets MGM classic The Wizard of Oz”

Where to begin… I think the strongest argument for the synchronicity is during the black and white portion of the film. Coincidentally, that portion of the Wizard of Oz is the exact length of the album The Dark Side of the Moon. The transistion between scenes work almost perfectly during this segment. It is eerie to hear the female voice wailing as Dorothy is caught up in the twister. And you want a jaw dropper? The instant the film changes to color, coincides perfectly with the opening cha-ching sound from the song “Money.”

Throughout, as the mood of the movie changes, the songs transistion rather closely – at times the lyrics even seem to fit. In retrospect though, I think that this is one of those albums with a non-committal sound. That is to say that the songs work as well for scary scenes as they do for happy scenes. After the amazing fit during the B&W segment, your mind sorta helps to make the rest of the film fit together.

For the experience alone and just so you can be the life of the next party, you should see this one.

RATING 7 out of 10