I have decided to add a new feature. The Crap’N Crunch Award will be given to anyone or anything that I deem stinky enough to deserve it. These will be awarded with no schedule and only when the spirit moves me….

Our first award winner is Coca-Cola… and their new C2. What is this crapola? Coca-Cola’s C2 is terrible. (Yeah, I bought a bottle to see what the hype was about) It is just a half-real-coke-half-diet-coke blend. Half the sugar – twice the cancer – one nasty taste.

First off, you have probably read my opinions on this low-carb craze… if you haven’t let me summarize – people are suckered into spending a lot of money on low-carb items and eating tons of fat that is KILLING them! Sure, they lose weight, but they gain cholesterol and are stuck on a routine that can do nothing but cause health problems.

Carbohydrates are a nutrient, and nutrient, by definition, means “chemical elements and compounds found in the environment that plants and animals need to grow and survive.” There’s obviously a flaw with any program that asks people on a massive scale to eliminate intake of a vital nutrient. With a true understanding of the differences between complex carbs and simple sugars, it becomes possible to eliminate the true culprits (simple and refined sugars) and reacquaint individuals with high quality valuable complex carbs (along with protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and a generous supply of water).

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Okay, I meant to just post that C2 was crap and then got off on the whole anti-low-carb thing. Okay, on to the next Crap’N Crunch winner… The Graham Norton Affect.

This dribble is more political-correctness gone awry. It is simply a gay variety show. Okay, before you start throwing the homophobe label around, hear me out. I don’t have a problem with homosexuality – to each his own, right? But I DO have a problem with BAD ENTERTAINMENT!! This show is just stupid and much like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do more to hurt the cause of blacks in American, Graham Norton hurts the cause of homosexuals. He fills his show with shlock and gay toilet humor. Feel free to mix in one joke that doesn’t have a gay angle.

This latest import should enjoy his 15 minutes of fame in America while he can and he better cash his checks quick… the show is NOT going to last.