Tapeheads was one of those films that I had often heard referred to as a “cult classic.” It was cute, but it was pure 80’s schlock. The left-wing anti-wealth storyline mixed with a formulaic happy ending is dribble. The film has the feel of UHF without all the comedy. This is one of those that you watch once and never consider cueing up again.

RATING 4 out of 10

Donnie Darko on the other hand was an excellent film. It is advertised in the horror genre, but I see it more as sci-fi (there is a time travel storyline.) The film is interesting, the characters are believable, the acting is top notch and the story is captivating. Do not watch this one if you won’t have time to pay close attention – this requires focus. Overall, a really good movie. Jake Gyllenhaal who I discovered in another excellent film October Sky did a great job. (PS – he was the only good performance in that piece of rot called The Day After Tomorrow – see 5-29-04 post.)

RATING 8 out of 10