I have decided to add a new graphic to the blog – my newly created Weekend Update logo. (I have been playing around in Photoshop)

So what did I do this past weekend? Well, a WHOLE lot of video production. Dave and I are still working on the large project that has tied us up for a couple weeks. We finished up the rough master Sunday night and I sent out six DVDs this morning. There is still a lot of editing to do, but they wanted to see a rough cut so they could start some editing notes of their own.

During rendering/burning/copying times, I finished cleaning out the garage. It sounds like no big deal, but those of you who have seen it, know that it was HUGE!! Our 3,000 square foot office was brought to my house after we closed it down and the lion’s share went in the garage. Add that to the two coke machines stored in there and you can start to see how there was absolutely no room in there. Long story short – there is a ton of room now and I have even started working out again on my exercise equipment.

I also got a little handy and created a storage rack for my DVDs. As you can see, it is nothing fancy, but is extremely functional.

It was a fun little project that required about two hours worth of work (including buying the lumber at Home Depot) and cost about $15. I worked only from an idea in my head (no plans) and that made it even cooler that it turned out well. I treated it with a clear varnish because I like natural wood as opposed to a dark stain.

Today, I added another notch to the home handyman tool belt – I replaced the exterior garage light with a motion sensing double flood that does a great job of lighting the driveway when someone approaches. It will come in handy when coming home at night and should discourage any attempts to fiddle with mine or Brian’s trucks.