I sent an email to Pennie telling her what I did today and thought – “I can just cut and paste the email in the blog, rather than reword the whole thing.” So here it is (well, the part about what I did anyway.)

I worked on rendering a video project. That requires short bursts of work on the computer followed by long wait times while it processes what I have done. The result is that I have a ton of free time in one and two hour segments, but really cannot go too far or production stops. I decided to “putz around the yard” durring the breaks.

Here is my putzing…

Dug up the area in front that I want to make into a cactus garden
Found some sand at the old construction site
Loaded a truckload of sand
Laid down sand bed for cactus garden
Planted the grass in the middle of the cactus garden
Trimmed front Rosemary bush
Trimmed front bushes on each side of garage door
Trimmed Red-tipped Photenias by server room window
Trimmed Sage bush near Brian’s window
Trimmed bushes on Andy’s side of the house
Stored all bush trimmings in both compost bins
Tore down deadwood from Carolina Jasmine (over compost bin)
Repaired broken fence behind compost bin (8 slats and one post)
Filled sand at Sparrow Beach
Filled in sand under pond to keep rats out
couple other things…

in other word – sweated my @ss off all day…

Then the storm blew in — I opened the front and back door – propped screens to keep dogs from going out. While it rained like mad, the wind blew in amazingly strong gusts right through the house. The rain was coming at an angle that worked out great as only an occasional fine mist would find its way into the house. It was way cool!! I turned off the A/C and let Ma Nature do the cooling. There was a light and sound show as the lightning flashed and the thunder roared.

Very productive day – I got about 10 hours worth of editing work finished too.