Okay, where to start. I guess the obvious start is Spider-Man 2. Dave and I went to see this sequel opening day and I have to say, I was NOT disappointed. Sure, I am a sucker for a comic book hero film, sure, I am a big fan of spidey anyway – but this is one of the best sequels ever. Tobey Maquire gets better as an actor each time out of the shoot. It was a tough accomplishment, but the graphics are even better than the first one, the drama is spot-on, the comedy is great as ever and the bottom line is that you really care about this character.

RATING 10 out of 10

On another subject, did you know there were American Jews in German concentration camps during WWII? No, not Americans abroad in Germany that got caught up in the mess… American G.I.s held as prisoners of war. The Germans took great pains to separate Jewish Americans from the rest of the P.O.W.s and put them in concentration camps. The film Berga is the story of more than 300 American G.I.s captured at the Battle of the Bulge. Director Charles Guggenheim, who is Jewish, was himself a member of the unit that was captured, but an illness he contracted before the unit left for the front lines caused him to be left behind, and he was not with them when the Nazis captured them.

RATING 8 out of 10

I completed the audiobook “I,Robot” by Isaac Asimov. Asimov has always been one of my favorite sci-fi authors but the more I read of him now (it has been about ten years since I read one of his,) the more I find his writing to be a bit juvenile. I decided to check out this book because of the upcoming movie of the same name. It looks like the movie will not follow the book too closely as the previews seem to have a lot more action and conflict. The story was interesting, but not nearly as good as The Robots of Dawn series. I can only hope they turn that story into a film. Lije Baley and Daneel Olivaw are the main characters in this, the BEST books about robots EVER!!!