It annoys me to no end when someone used the word ‘orientated’ when they should use ‘oriented.’ To be fair, they mean the same thing, but the correct usage in American English is the latter. Orientated is the British form of the word and therefor is incorrect usage in America.

While we are on the subject of language… do you know what the word in the title (peccadillo) means?

PECCADILLO: \Pec`ca*dil”lo\, n.; pl. {Peccadillos}. [Sp.pecadillo, dim. of pecado a sin, fr. L. peccatum. See{Peccant}.]A slight trespass or offense; a petty crime or fault.

It has long been a favorite word of mine – since my first-year college professor, Mr. Greenhill used it and challenged the class for a definition.