You have read many a post about Turtle World and my various backyard guests. Well, you too can have a little piece of nature in your own backyard. You can do it by creating a backyard wildlife habitat.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

The folks at the National Wildlife Federation have a program to certify your property as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. My backyard is in the process of being certified. What does that get me? Nothing really – other than warm fuzzies for knowing that I am providing a place for nature to flourish amidst all the concrete, steel and rushing traffic. Well, that and a very relaxing place to kick back on a cool evening without having to pack the tent and head to the country.

Here is how my back yard looked when I bought the place…

Pretty plain-jane-normal-back-lawn. With duties like mowing, edging, weeding and planting flowers every season…

Here it is now…

At first glance, it is certainly more full of vegatation. It also appears to look more like just overgrown weeds… but there is a method to the madness. The yard is made up mostly of meadow grasses. There are trails cut throughout the entire backyard so that I can get to any area I wish without any troubles and can view a cornucopia of wildlife from any corner of my yard.

The trails take about 15 minutes with a weedeater every couple weeks… and really that is it for maintenance. Easy to keep up – relaxing to hang out – what more could you ask?

It is simple to do if you take your time. My backyard has developed from the standard concrete back patio and lawn to a lush area full of birds, fish, snails, lizards, frogs, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, moths, squirrels and much much more… Pennie and I sit for hours out there enjoying the free show Mother Nature provides.

If you are interested in creating your own little Shangri-la and need some advice… do not hestitate to call me – I love doing this stuff. While I may not rush right out and dig a pond for you… I will help you choose what is appropriate, plan the layout, and sure, I’ll get my hands dirty too.