Wow, this is my second post about Britney Spears – the last one concerned a concert I saw and went into how trashy she was. This post is about her lip synching… I saw another concert (and yes, I watched for the visuals) and the fact that she lip synchs is so obvious. She is not even very good at it. (At least Milli Vanilli faked it well)

If you do not believe she fakes her songs, just watch closely the next time you see her sing. It is easy to see when she messes up. Also, run around, jump up and down, gyrate your hips, and then see how hard it is to belt out a tune. She would be so freakin out of breath that no singing would be possible.

She is just a package of trash sending the wrong message to the young girls of the world. Have you listened to the lyrics… every single song is about sex. It is no wonder that she has as many 40 year old male fans as 13 year old girls. The sad part is that those 13 year olds do not know how to seperate reality from her fake world.

On a lighter note, she shares initials with another bullshit artist – Barbara Streisand, and those initials say it all.. BS!