The Rockenroller’s dog “Cali” got out on Friday morning and took off in her usual mad sprint to see the world. Before she could be corralled, she was gone. Pretty standard dog escape, right? Well it was until a neighbor said they saw Cali get struck by a car and then run off.

The good news was that she run off under her own power. The bad news was that she was nowhere to be found. We scoured the neighborhood talking to everyone we met, we checked in backyards, garages, the bayous that snake through the neighborhood, but nothing. Mindy put up signs and alerted the vets, but felt pretty helpless.

It was Saturday when the call came in that a neighbor had found Cali in his garage. She had a gash on her leg, but seemed to be okay. I went to visit the injured traveller Sunday morning and snapped these pictures.

Her leg was pretty swollen and the wound looked painful..

… but she seemed in great spirits, albeit much more calm than usual.

All’s well that ends well – or so the saying goes. Hopefully, she learned a little something about making a mad dash into busy streets. Welcome back Cali!