Athens 2004, it was supposed to be the ultimate Olympics as the games returned to their home.
What have they become in this year of worldwide hatred for the United States and rampant commercialism in the games themselves? Well, as the title of this segment says, “Good, Bad & Not Bad to Look At.”

What is the good? Well, there are some great stories. There is the story of the Iraqi soccer team – not allowed to compete in past years and punished severely when they performed poorly. They are 2-0 in these Olympics and they have inspired competitors the world over. There is the story of the first Nigerian to compete in a rowing event. His coach died in a car accident the day before he left for the games. There is the story of the Hamm twins pacing the US mens gymnastics team to a silver medal.

What is the bad? There is the constant problems with doping. The IOC is working hard to rid the games of drug users and abusers, but the problems remain. There is the US mens basketball team – a team comprised of rich, selfish, superstar NBA players too focused on personal glory to notice that they have already done what no team of NBA players has ever done in Olympic history – lose a game. They are in danger of not even getting a medal.

And what is so good to look at? Well, as Dave says, the women’s beach volleyball competition is almost porn. Kerrie Walsh and Misty May continue their domination in the sport (check out Walsh’s right wrist.)

and the hottest search on the internet right now is “Jennie Finch,” star pitcher for the US women’s softball team.

.. I guess I’ll stay tuned in. 🙂